Main St.


Main St. between Plum and Bush Sts.

Main St. between Plum and Bush Sts. Brick buildings from left: Wilson/Baker block (312-316 Main St); Charles Betcher block (310 Main St.) John Day block (308 Main St.) additional buildings were built to the left adjoining the buildings in this photo. Information from Carrie Conklin Becker (1989) These buildings were restored in 1987 and 1988 and made into a “mall” known as Riverfront Centre. Red Wing Shoe Co. has its corporate headquarters on the upper floors and shops are located on the street level. 1868-1871.

(Editors note:) As of 2010: Entire building is now the corporate headquarters for Red Wing Shoe.


Remmler Brewery

Remmler Brewery

Remmler Brewery at the northwest corner of Fifth and Bush streets in Red Wing. Center of picture, therear part of the house was John Friedrichs “Minnesota House” built in the 1850s. Purchased by William Heising in 1861 and turned into a brewery. Family lived in part of the building for a while, and brewery employees occupied it as sleeping quarters about 1876.Building on left – Ice house with beer cellars underneath built by Mrs. Heising in 1875.Building on right – Large brick addition to brewery made by William Heising in 1869.
All buildings torn down in 1955 by Robert Nybo after standing vacant for years.